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Siemens SINAMICS V90 Compact Frequency Inverter – 6SL3210-5FE10-8UF0 offers plug-and-play commissioning, optimized servo performance, fast integration with SIMATIC PLC control system, and a high degree of reliability

SINAMICS V90 with PROFINET, input voltage: 380-480V 3A -15/+10 2.6 A 45-66 Hz, output voltage: 0 – input 2.1 A 0-330 Hz, motor: 0.75 kW, protection class: IP20

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SINAMICS V90 servo system optimized for performance and easy to use for motion control applications.

The Siemens SINAMICS V90 compact frequency inverter – 6SL3210-5FE10-8UF0 offers solutions for simple and more dynamic applications, a device specifically designed for wide-ranging applications in industrial settings. The SINAMICS V90 servo converter can be individually customized with a variety of options such as connecting cables, power filters, plug-in connectors and other accessories.
The SINAMICS V90 system is an optimized servo drive that consists of a SINAMICS V90 servo converter and a SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servo motor with a power range of 0.05 to 7.0 kW for operation in single- and three-phase networks. For operation on a variety of networks, single-phase and three-phase, the system includes a variety of inverter frame sizes and motor shaft heights to cover a wide range of applications, the system reliably enables cost-effective execution of simple motion control tasks with an emphasis on dynamics and processing, and is easy to integrate via PTI, PROFINET, USS or Modbus RTU.

SINAMICS V90 servo drives offer plug-and-play startup, optimized servo performance in many respects, fast integration into a SIMATIC PLC control system, and high reliability. Combining a SINAMICS servo drive with a SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servo motor creates an integrated drive system. With one-button tuning and real-time auto-tuning, the control loop parameters are optimized automatically and can be used right at system startup. Optimized system performance, fast acceleration and braking with smooth drive operation ensures high and long-lasting machine performance.

SINAMICS low-voltage inverters can be used in an extremely wide range of drive applications. The family includes types ranging from simple converters to meet the most basic tasks, but also advanced models designed specifically to achieve superior dynamic performance in multi-axis or machine tool applications. All converters in the series can be seamlessly integrated into the general application of automation solutions, all have the same basic structure of open and closed loop control, are parameterized in the same way and have the same communication options.

480 V
750 W
380 V
480 V
200 mm
80 mm
180 mm
0 °C
45 °C


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