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SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-1200 Analog I/O SM 1232, 4 AO – 6ES7232-4HD32-0XB0 module is a compact size with integrated I/O and options for further expansion, an excellent choice, along with applied communication and technology functions, created specifically for complex precision automation systems.

Integrated I/O, advanced expandability, 24V supply voltage, 14 Bit analog input resolution

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Signal modules can be connected to the CPU to increase the capacity of digital or analog I/O.

Analog I/O module of the proven SIEMENS SIMATIC series – 6ES7232-4HD32-0XB0 for use with the SIMATIC S7-1200 series enables communication between the processor and input-output devices. The SM 1232 analog modules convert signals from the process into digital signals for further processing by the SIMATIC S7-1200 controller. The device helps the programmable logic controller to use its potential as efficiently as possible, and was designed specifically to work with SIMATIC S7-1200 PLCs.

Signal cards can also be added to the CPU itself to increase the number of digital or analog I/Os, and battery cards can be added to the controller to meet application requirements without increasing the size of the controller itself. These modules as stand-alone modules can be used with all SIMATIC S7-1200 CPUs except the 1211C controller.

CPU 1212C supports up to two, CPU 1214C, CPU 1215C and CPU 1217C up to eight additional signal modules. With its advanced expansion capabilities, the SIMATIC S7-1200 is ideally suited to any precision automation task.

Instant troubleshooting of encountered problems and localization of errors in real time thanks to the new unified display concept reduce total startup time and eliminate unwanted production downtime almost to zero. Built-in, system-integrated diagnostics without additional programming greatly accelerates and facilitates fault detection, gets rid of production delays while providing the grounding necessary for advanced safety functions.

The continuous development and enhancement of the versatility of the communication modules in the S7-1200, new applications such as predictive maintenance and machine learning, with their properties make the entry into digitalization a standard. Offering open communication protocols such as serial communication, PROFIBUS, IO-Link, AS-Interface, PROFINET, Industrial Ethernet, Telecontrol, as well as modern vertical and horizontal communication, MQTT and OPC UA, which require memory access and constant data analysis effectively enable the implementation of this process. Simulation tools like engineering in the TIA portal give full access to the entire digital automation system, diagnostic functions increase efficiency and the connection to management provides increased flexibility and transparency.

Safety Integrated is the ability to connect PROFIsafe devices via PROFIBUS and PROFINET, and control data integrity across all program components. Mixed operation of fail-safe system modules and standard I/O modules is also supported. A system specially created to effectively protect any investment.

SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-1200 analog I/O SM 1232, 4 AO – 6ES7232-4HD32-0XB0 module’s compact, precision design with integrated I/O, communication interfaces that meet high industry standards, and a range of applied technology features make SIMATIC series modules a permanent, integral part of complex automation solutions.


Depth 75 mm
Explosion protection category for gases ATEX – explosion protection for gases, cat. 3G
Explosion protection category for dust No
Configurable digital outputs Yes
Number of analog outputs 4
Type of electrical connection Plug-in connection
Resolution of analog outputs 14 Bit
Configurable output signal Yes
Width 45 mm
Module type analog outputs
Output, voltage Yes
Output, current Yes
Height 100 mm


Additional Product Information
EAN 6940408102064
UPC 887621206932
Statistical number of the goods 85389091
Catalog designation ST72
FAGR 4508
Group Code R132