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Siemens SIMATIC HMI Mobile Panel KTP700F – 6AV2125-2GB23-0AX0 brings the functionality and performance of Comfort Series panels to mobile control devices, so users can enjoy greater operational convenience regardless of location.

7″ TFT display, 800x 480 pixels, 16m colors, key and touch operation, 8 function keys, 1x PROFINET/Industrial Ethernet interface, 1x multimedia card, 1x USB, key switch, confirmation button, 1 alarm stop/stop button configurable with WinCC Comfort V13 SP1

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Second-generation mobile operator panels transfer the functionality and performance of SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels to mobile control units. Users benefit from greater flexibility and convenience.

The SIMATIC HMI KTP700F – 6AV2125-2GB23-0AX0 is a mobile device that, with its 7-inch display and 16 million colors, meets the requirements for visualizing more complex processes or machines with higher demands on the quality of graphic representation. The 8 function keys, combined with the touch function, provide the flexibility to operate in any situation. The panel allows for quick and precise alignment or positioning when operating

Fail-safe version equipped with an emergency stop/stop button on top and a confirmation button on the back of the device, this solution provides an efficient and customized configuration of safety solutions. The emergency stop button is active and illuminated only when the panel itself is connected to the safety circuit via a junction box. The device supports the analysis of safety components using hard-wired safety relays (e.g., SIRIUS 3SK1) and PROFIsafe with fail-safe controllers (e.g., SIMATIC S7-1500F).

In situations where emergency functionality is not required but mobile panel operation is still required, standard mobile series devices can be used in a version without an emergency button on top and a confirmation button on the back of the device. The standard versions are even more compact and easier to use.

Mobile operator panels Available with a 4, 7 or 9-inch display and a wired PROFINET connection, the second-generation SIMATIC HMI mobile panels transfer the functionality and performance of the SIMATIC HMI Comfort Series panels to mobile control devices, so users can enjoy greater operational convenience regardless of location. With an aspect ratio of 16:9 and 16 million colors, the brilliant widescreen display provides a bright, clear and richly detailed view. ABOUTThe near 40% larger display area allows even complex operational screens and charts to be clearly visualized. Dimmable to 100%, the brightness of the display can be adjusted for all types of environments. SIMATIC series mobile KTP panels are often chosen by large manufacturing plants, used when operating long production lines or material handling lines or other conveyor systems. The mobility of the panels also ensures shorter downtime during changeovers, maintenance or repairs. Second-generation mobile panels can be safely used in marine and shipbuilding conditions thanks to ABS, DNV, GL, LRS and NK class approvals


Product type designation KTP700F Mobile
Display design TFT widescreen display, LED backlighting
Screen diagonal 7 inches
Color display Yes
Number of colors 16 777 216
Horizontal image resolution

Vertical image resolution

800 pixels

480 pixels

Backlight MTBF (at 25°C)

Dimmable backlighting

50,000 hrs

Yes; 0-100%

Number of function keys 8
Number of function keys with LED 8
Keys with LED light

Numeric keypad

Alphanumeric keyboard

Yes yes yes;



On screen On screen



Design as a touchscreen

Design as a multi-touch screen



Stop button (forced locking) Yes
Emergency stop button (illuminated and positive locking) Yes
Confirmation button (3-step) Yes
Key switch Yes
Illuminated button Yes
Integrated camera Not
DP direct LEDs (LEDs as S7 inputs/outputs)
– F1…Fx 8
Direct keys (keys as S7 input/output)
– F1…Fx 8
Direct keys (touch buttons as S7 input/output) 32
Supply voltage type DC
Rating (DC) 24V
permissible range, lower limit (DC) 19,2 V
permissible range, upper limit (DC) 28,8 V
Current consumption (rated value) 450 mA
Inrush current I²t 0.135 A²-s
Active power consumption, type. 11 W
Processor type FRAME
Flash Yes
Memory available for user data 12 MB


Additional Product Information
EAN 4047623404729
UPC 804766158070
Statistical number of the goods 85371098
Catalog designation ST80.1F
Group Code R141