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SIEMENS SIMATIC ET 200SP BA analog I/O module – 6ES7134-6GF00-0AA1 is designed to maximize convenience of use and maximize functionality. The compact size makes it easy to use the space saved inside the control cabinet. Modules feature high channel density and low component variability

AI 8XI 2-/4-wire Basic, advanced expandability, 16-Bit resolution, analog I/O, color code CC01

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The modular I/O system, which can easily be used in a variety of applications, has an IP20 rating and is designed to maximize convenience of use and maximize functionality.

The SIMATIC ET 200SP BA – 6ES7134-6GF00-0AA1 Analog I/O Distributed Station Expansion Module has a total of 8 BASIC type outputs, which are 24 V DC. The module has integrated diagnostic functions that include power, short circuit or wire break. Module with AI mode, supports I&M data from 0 to 3. Device configuration, system integration or engineering is done using STEP7 TIA Portal software version V13 SP1. The compact size of the device of this class is made possible by the use of a high density of channels, the small size facilitates the use of the space saved inside the control cabinet.

The ET 200SP station system configuration is simple to scale and reasonably cost-optimized extended with a comprehensive base of digital and analog IO modules. The SIMATIC ET 200SP is about 50% narrower than other comparable distributed peripherals. With a height of about 115 millimeters, the system can accommodate 16 channels with single-line connection without AUX plugs. For a 3-wire connection with AUX plugs, the height for 8 channels is 140 millimeters. The depth is 75 millimeters. In order to keep the size as small as possible, the power module for creating load groups is integrated into the SIMATIC ET 200SP system.

The peripheral modules are marked with different colored elements so that the type of module can be quickly and easily identified. The distributed I/O system ET 200SP offers a wide choice as to the analog output modules depending on the required functions. Modules with basic functionality(BA) or standard functionality(ST) with 2 or 4 outputs are available, as well as modules with more extended features(HF High Feature / HS High Speed) that always offer 2 outputs.

For this system, there are additionally HS AQ 2xUI and AI 2xU/I 2-/4 inputs supporting high-speed isochronous outputs and oversampling i.e. parallel data acquisition or rather emission at moderate CPU cycles, which provides the user with the ability to specify readings at synchronous and fixed equal intervals within the PROFINET-Transmit clocking.

Failsafe I/O enhanced safety modules enable integration with safety-related systems using SIMATIC Safety Integrated. Safety functions required for trouble-free operation are integrated into the modules. Two safe analog HF I/O models for connecting current and voltage sensors, temperature measurement, pressure, flow, distance measurement, etc. The ET 200SP system offers fail-safe digital and analog inputs, In addition, there is an F-switch for disabling standard I/O modules and for safely controlling ET 200pro motor starters in combination with the ASM 400V module. Failsafe F-AI analog signal modules correspond to the size of standard modules. Functional safety is certified in accordance with EN 61508. They are designed for safety applications up to SIL 3 according to EN 62061 and PL e according to ISO 13849. One of the special features of SIMATIC ET 200SP F-modules is that F-addresses are assigned by engineering at startup. This simplifies the setup process and saves time.


Analog input module
ET 200SP distributed I/O system
19 V
24 V
25 mA
Mounting on the base plate
-30 °C
60 °C
ET 200SP
15 mm
73 mm
58 mm


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