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SIMATIC ET 200AL modular I/O system – 6ES7143-5BF00-0BA0 – for distributed control system applications in tight spaces, the module can be easily installed in any position in the machine or assembly line and is suitable for mobile applications due to its low weight. The modules can be easily combined through the ET 200SP.

DIQ 4+DQ 4x 24 V DC/0.5 A, 8XM8, MicroLogix 1500 series


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The SIMATIC ET 200AL is designed specifically for distributed control system applications in tight spaces. The SIMATIC ET 200AL series devices are easily configured, run via TIA Portal. The modules can be connected to the automation network via PROFINET, PROFIBUS interfaces or can be connected via ET 200SP.

The SIMATIC ET 200AL modular I/O system – 6ES7143-5BF00-0BA0 is the interface between the SIMATIC ET 200AL and the CPU. 8 channels with 8x M8, 3-pin socket, interrupt diagnostics (short-circuit of sensor power supply) making it well suited for systems of many decentralized applications. The ET 200AL’s standard digital outputs can be switched off securely within the power system to ensure effective integration of safety applications up to SIL CL 2 or Cat 3/PL. Since only the outputs are disabled, diagnostics are still possible. With a high IP65/67 rating, particularly compact design, small space requirements and weight, this makes the ET200AL system ruggedly easy to use and install I/O for use anywhere.

Unified engineering with TIA Portal enables consistent system diagnostics and efficient operation. With the TIA Selection Tool, each ET 200AL system is configured and ordered quickly and conveniently. Other tools, such as SIMATIC Automation Tool, support the user during startup, maintenance and service, as well as configuration management.

The SIMATIC ET 200AL modules, which are only 30 or 45 mm wide, can be easily installed in any position in a machine or assembly line. The optional operating system allows you to add individual system components according to your installation requirements and individually configure the machine as required. This is achieved through a one-time full configuration and activation of the installation components via software. All functions that are not needed remain inactive. Sensors and actuators can be connected using reliable M8 and M12 connection technology. Color-coded sockets and matching connection cables simplify wiring. The modules are IP65/67-compliant. They operate reliably in a temperature range of -30 °C to +55 °C and at accelerations of up to 5 g. Since plastic housings provide low weight, SIMATIC ET 200AL modules are ideal for mobile applications.

Digital and analog modules provide exactly the I/O required for the task at hand, dhanks to any module with the right hybrid parameters with integrated counting function, the ET 200AL can offer maximum customization in wide areas of application.


System accessories Yes
Allowed input voltage 30, -3 V
Depth 40 mm
Explosion protection category for gases No
Explosion protection category for dust No
Configurable digital inputs Yes
Configurable analog outputs Yes
Number of digital inputs 4
Number of digital outputs 8
Wall mounting / direct mounting Yes
Can be mounted on a rail Yes
Panel mounting possible Yes
Supply voltage for DC 20.4, 28.8 V
Short-circuit protection, available outputs Yes
Delay at signal change 4.8, 1.2 ms
Bus connection possible via separate connector Yes
Input current for signal 1 0032 mA
Output current 0.5 A
Input voltage type DC
Output voltage type DC
Supply voltage type DC
Degree of protection (IP) IP65/IP67
Width 30 mm
Height 159 mm


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UPC 887621843090
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Catalog designation ST76
FAGR 4522
Group Code R151