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Lenze’s Multi-Drive Power Module – E94APNE1004 of the 9400 series dprovides reduced energy exchange on the DC bus for centralized multi-axis applications.


100A 480VAC. Input: 3/PE, AC 230/400/500V, 50/60Hz, 8 2.0A, 32.6/56, 8/71.0kVA, Output: 2/PE DC 325/565/705V, 100.0A, 20.8-36.2-45.2 kVA. No.: 13478121, 07335935, 000001.

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The 9400 Single Drive and Multi Drive servo drives stand out for their revolutionary and intelligent drive for decentralized as well as centralized motion control applications.

Lenze’s Multi-Drive Power Module – E94APNE1004 is part of the 9400 family, which offers components for intelligent servo systems in industrial automation. The product range includes inverters, servo controllers, input/output modules, software, accessories, motors, and gearboxes and DC power modules.

Multi Drive multi-axis drives are particularly suitable for centralized, compact multi-axis applications, providing reduced DC bus power exchange and grid-side power requirements. Parts requirements and installation work are thus significantly reduced. An integrated DC busbar system provides a compact installation size for drives rated up to 15kW.

Single-axis Single Drive units combine mains power, DC bus and inverter in a single unit. Filter elements and brake chopper are integrated. Using Single Drive HighLine and applying the appropriate footprint filters memory modules and safety modules, the drive can be optimally adapted to any requirements.

Pre-programmed technology applications in the system, such as positioning, electronic gearbox and synchronization with character registration for various applications available through parameter setting. Function block editor devices integrated with L-force Engineer HighLevel allow customization of functions in an easy and individual way. HighLine version servo drives are equipped with CANopen fieldbus, conventional I/O, diagnostic LEDs, diagnostic interface, resolver and universal encoder input on the board. In addition, the HighLine is equipped with two expansion slots for communication modules or expansion each for a memory module and a safety module, so that the drive can be optimally adapted to individual requirements.