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SIMATIC HMI Key Panel KP8 – 6AV3688-3AY36-0AX0 for SIMATIC controller applications offers maximum flexibility in the most limited space, the use of a key panel minimizes wiring solutions.

8 short-stroke switches with multi-color LEDs, PROFINET interfaces, 8 configurable DI/DO contacts, 24 V DC can be parameterized from STEP 7 V5.5.

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Button Panels, available in several versions, are a clever alternative to long-stroke keys, illuminatedSIMATIC HMI Key Panels are a frequent choice for users who are looking for maximum functionality and flexibility in the most limited space on offer.

The SIMATIC HMI Key Panel KP8 – 6AV3688-3AY36-0AX0 for use with SIMATIC controllers offers maximum flexibility in the most limited space, the panel also provides a host of other benefits according to individual optimization, with issues related to configuration and installation itself reduced to a minimum. Compared to conventional installation, the use of a pushbutton panel minimizes wiring solutions. Mounting these compact devices with customized clamps or a hollow PRO housing allows for quick installation and the device itself takes up as little space as possible both used in the control cabinet and next to the machines.

Backlit buttons that can be individually assigned, in addition, for economic purposes have the ability to control LED backlighting, in addition, it is possible to freely control the display of five colors of red, green, blue, white and yellow. Powering the key panels allows SIMATIC HMI to install them side by side without interruption, and 24V power can be routed from an adjacent panel.

The SIMATIC HMI KP8 keypad offers oeight large and ergonomic keys that are equipped with tactile feedback so that they can be operated reliably even when wearing gloves. There are 8 I/O pins available on the back, which can be used to connect additional controls.


Depth of incorporation 49 mm
Number of signal lamps 8
Number of buttons 8
Number of LED color modes 5
Number of digital inputs 8
Number of digital outputs 8
Number of Industrial Ethernet hardware connectors 2
Number of PROFINET hardware connectors 2
Panel mounting possible Yes
Supply voltage for DC 20.4, 28.8 V
PROFINET IO protocol support Yes
Supply voltage type DC
Degree of protection (IP) of the front part IP65
Width of the front element 98 mm
Height of the front element 155 mm
With configurable buttons Yes
With test of buttons and indicator lights Yes
Operating temperature range 55 °C


Additional Product Information
EAN 4025515079156
UPC 040892728361
Statistical number of the goods 85371091
Catalog designation ST80.1A
FAGR 3406
Group Code R141