Worldwide commodity supply chains are disrupted

The current situation in the world, both geopolitical and economic, has a huge impact on the global supply chains of goods. Capgemini’s research shows that 80% of enterprises have felt the negative impact of the pandemic and the current situation on the Ukraine/Russia line in terms of the delivery of all kinds of goods and international trade.

One of the biggest problems is both the lack of production components on warehouse stocks and global logistics problems due to the geopolitical situation in the world. The industry that has been most affected by the problems of the lack of components, and more precisely microprocessors, is the automotive sector, which in the first half of 2021 significantly reduced the supply of new cars on the global market. The lack of warehouse stocks and long waiting times caused both a significant increase in prices and extended deadlines for project implementation. This had a significant impact on the price of both new and used cars on the market. Problems have also affected other industries. The world’s largest manufacturers of new technologies are also struggling with the availability of components. The problem of logistics is as big a problem as the distribution of production components. The growing problem with sea transport, i.e. the reduced capacity of the largest Asian ports, significantly extends the relatively long form of transport of goods between Asia and the rest of the world. One example of the disruption of sea supplies was the container ship Ever Given) which generated delays and tangible financial losses on a global scale by blocking the Suez Canal. The current political situation in Russia, and more specifically the sanctions imposed on this country, also affect transport both by rail and air. Certainly, intra-Community deliveries of goods are better due to both a very good communication network and a relatively close distance to the delivery of goods in relation to the world scale.

In our industry, namely the supply of spare parts to various industries as well as components for machine construction, we also experienced the problems mentioned above, the delivery time has increased significantly, however, thanks to extensive contacts around the world, we can boast of a much faster delivery than our competition. This is due to the fact that acting globally, we have more opportunities to choose a supplier and thus better solutions for our clients. The best example is the last order of our new client, he asked us for Siemens parts that were to be used as spare parts, but the problem was that they had not been produced for a long time. The offers he received from our competition ranged from 25 to 35 weeks at a price well above the market price. We were able to deliver the parts within 12 days of the order, which were delivered from Mexico in express mode. Such quick action is possible due to the extensive network of contacts with suppliers from around the world.
In today’s difficult economic times, in order to cope best on the market, one should look for not the simplest but the best solutions. Inquiry for parts in the industry not only costs nothing, it can both increase the flow of production and reduce service costs. We encourage you to cooperate and we hope that we will be able to help as soon as in the case of our client from the article!

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